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Website Magic and Alchemy Created by David Winters

Spiritual Liberation is a joy-filled and peaceful state of being built on a mutual relationship of trust and love with our higher angels and guides. Our deepening connection to the Divine aligns us with our true nature and guides us bravely through our own dark passageways into psychic and synchronouis experiences of Light. These experiences create flow on the path to wholeness, freedom and our best life.


The Ancient Circle Wisdom School

Mount Shasta, CA

Founded by David Winters

The Ancient Wisdom of the Stone Circle Online Course

With Live in-Person Ceremony on Mount Shasta

 Instructor: David Winters

Weekly Online Instruction starts Thursday July 28, 2022

Live Ceremony on Mount Shasta Thursday August 25th, 2022


David has studied stone circles in Scotland and Ireland for over 7 years. After moving to Mount Shasta, CA at the end of 2021, he received ancient teachings about the wisdom imparted by stone circles. He was spiritually guided to create his own stone circle in Mount Shasta to understand the lessons the circle provides to those who encounter it.

He has now brought forth this teaching in an online video conference class with a live in-person ceremony to be held at the end of the online course in beautiful Mount Shasta.

We Access the Ancient Wisdom of the Stone Circle to:

–  Manifest personal growth

–  Find our destiny on a path of personal fulfillment and ascension

–  Re-awaken to the light within ourselves

–  Understand our true purpose here on earth

–  Experience more love, passion and joy

–  Access Healing light from the stars

–  Connect with our ancient tribal family

–  Remembering your Cosmic Origins

These aspects come together to bring wholeness and vitality to create within you a fully alive human experience.

The circle has 3 basic meanings:

One, as a safe space for a spiritual community to come together to learn teachings and to experience energy for the outward expression of one’s light and love.

Two, as a calendar to celebrate the turning of the year and the significance of seasonal portals of time.

Three, as a symbol of where Heaven and Earth meet. The stone circle is a teacher of ancient wisdom for human and soul development to create a conscious, compassionate, loving community of souls.

The class will include 6-8 hours of online video conference teaching and instruction in a 4 class format.

A 30 minute one- on-one personal intuitive reading by David included in the program

A copy of the newly released book ‘Where Heaven and Earth Meet’ by David

Class 1: July 28th, 2022

The Way of the Circle

Where Heaven and Earth Meet

Specific placement that defines EM energy and ley lines, portals and node points

A sacred space and a way of life for those that inhabit the circle

A calendar that measures the rhythm of nature – The directions of the circle

            Solstice and Equinox Sunrise and Sunset patterns and their meanings

A place where we can receive all the information we need to live in wholeness and fully alive

The history of stone circles and examples of stone circles and their energy

            Beltany Circle- Read chapter in the book

            Drumbeg Circle


            Callanish Stones

How this teaching came about- the making of a stone circle in Mount Shasta

The Stones of the Circle

The Stones are called to the circle in a specific alignment

The energies that each stone brings to the circle

Class 2: Thursday, August 4th, 2022

The Delivery mechanism of the Circle

The pathways of energy in the circle based on the activations

          The Foundations of the Circle

            Cosmic and Portal energy meets the earth energies at that site

The Union of the Circle

            All stones carry equal weight just like a round table of people

The Light energy of the Circle from the Cosmos

            Specific energy radiates from each stone representing the stars and constellations

The Portal Energy from Below

            Specific imprints from other places on earth that run into the circle affect the outcomes

The 3-dimensional quality of the circle

The Higher dimensional quality of the circle

Class 3: Thursday, August 11th, 2022

The Interaction of each stone with the circle

The Meditations for each stone in the circle

The Corvus stone- Book Chapter

The Antares Stone- Book Chapter

The Orion Stone- Book Chapter

The Sirius Stone- Book Chapter

Class 4: Thursday August 18th, 2022

The Cygnus Stone- Book Chapter

The Centaurus Stone- Book Chapter

The Pleaides Stone- Book Chapter

The Arcturus Stone- Book Chapter

The Unifying meditation of the Stones in the circle with the Sun Stone

(Note: Class subject material subject to change based on available time and needs of the class.)

The Final in-person ceremony on Mount Shasta-  Thursday, August 25th, 2022 – Joining in unity to bring all of our energies into the circle and out into the universe- allowing that universal energy of our individual character and gifts to flow out into the universe bringing healing to the universe at a powerful portal on Mount Shasta. We are to send our energies out into the universe as the light from within with love and passion, healing, cosmic origin energy, ancient earth tribe energy, ascension and manifesting energy, true nature energy, sent out together to manifest all that is needed for our lives.

About the Teacher:

David Winters grew up in the hill country south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. in the 1960s and 70s. As an empath, he was stigmatized for his sensitivity in an insensitive world. This brought anxiety and confusion around who he was and what gifts he carried.

He studied science and microbiology for many years to understand what was beneath the surface of life. This can be seen as one path to understand truth against the falsehoods of world commercial systems (a Druid mission if ever there was one!)

In the 80’s, he received a master’s degree (M.S.)  in microbiology from North Carolina State University and a Ph.D. in food microbiology from Cornell University.

In the late 90s, he began to question his continued commitment to study science and wondered if there was a truer path ahead. He began to wake up to the hidden world, not of microbes, but of life beyond the veil! In other words, he had a pre-midlife awakening.

By 2014, Malidoma Some, noted African Shaman and author, proclaimed David as a “Seer of the Unseen.” As David developed his extraordinary clairvoyant gift, he has used this gift to explore the mysterious and magical world of sacred sites.    He eventually found his connection to the ancient people of Ireland and Scotland. This included the Bird Tribes, the ancient mythological Tuatha de Danann (tribe of the goddess Dana), and the spiritual and nondual teachings of the Celtic Goddess and Saint Brigid.

He has since visited many unknown worlds and sites in America and has a deep understanding of how the mystical world is connected, bridging mystical sites in Europe and America with healing potential and liberation from false realities.

Once he experienced this ancient reality, he knew that his calling was to help others ‘find their home’ in the world and to be free of influences that keep us from our own enlightenment.

Course Tuition

Early Registration Discount $277.77 (22% discount if you pay by July 18th)

Course Tuition  $355.55 (After July 18th)

(For any questions or inquiries about the course, please contact David by text or phone at 1-541-890-4141, or email at earthman1555@gmail.com)

To register and pay, click on the register and pay button below and you will be redirected to the ancientcircle.net services page. Click on Ancient Wisdom of the Stones Online Course, then click on David Winters as instructor. Once you are directed to the calendar, click on the start date of July 28th, 2022 and choose any random time on that date that is open. Then you will be asked to create a profile with your name, email and password, followed by a page requesting your address. From there you will be directed to a payment page. You will be asked to pay via Credit Card or google pay. Email David at earthman1555@gmail. com if you wish to pay by check or if you have any questions or issues with registering and paying for the course.

Note: Travel expenses, including meals, lodging and car or airfare for the live in-person final ceremony in Mount Shasta is not included in the course tuition price.

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“David is a wonderful healer. I was blessed to find him online as I live in Ireland. He has a soulful connection to our land and our ancestors. I have found amazing healing from him. He took the time to listen and guide me in my journey. He intuited my connection to water and it’s healing aspect. I’ve always been drawn to blessed wells without knowing why … He could see my gift of healing with water and I’ve since taken time to truly appreciate this gift. He also connected me with the energy of trees, particularly a mound of trees in the land near me. He taught me many things about the spirit of the land and water and how to invite the help of my Celtic ancestry. To commune with these spirits has been a joy and brought great peace to me. I thank him for this great work, and I’m forever thankful for his kindness to me.”  Edel Mooney, County Wicklow, Ireland

“David went above and beyond with my spiritual reading. His reading confirmed the direction I have wanted to be heading in my life, as well as providing valuable insight into my past lives. I believe this is just the beginning of my journey into spiritual liberation and I am so grateful for the time and energy David provided to me.” Brea Null, Prescott, AZ  US

“My readings with David have been deeply healing, his vision allowing me to be more compassionate to my journey as he reveals the complexity and grandeur of my own being. The simple rituals and ceremonies he prescribed continue to inspire and change my life.” Tesa Idell, Pocono Mts., PA US



NEW Journeys for 2022!!

We journey to ancient, sacred sites in the United States, Ireland, Scotland, England and beyond. These sites are ‘Islands of the Future’. Ken Carey, noted author of ‘The Starseed Transmissions’ and ‘The Return of the Bird Tribes’, coined this term to define places on earth where magnetic and vibrational energy activates our personal and collective healing and awakening.


Greetings ALL! As the pandemic has moved through the world and changed the consciousness of all of humanity, the world is now ready for delightful and deep experiences to feed the personal and collective soul. In this spirit of awakening, I am announcing the Magical Isles Tour of Scotland 2022. This magical journey for souls seeking the light will be held (dates pending). We begin our journey in the enchanted city of Edinburgh and travel to 3 Magical Isles of Scotland. You will not want to miss this adventure of a lifetime! Click on the link below to view details of what the journey entails: https://ancientcircle.net/scotlandtour2022


Prophets, Psychics, Druids and…. Your Future

There is a vast wealth of information about your coming life that is available on the information superhighway of Earthly telepathic grids.

This information includes where you are in your life at the moment, what your current destiny is, good or bad, and what the universe is calling you to do.


OTHERWORLDLY MIGRATIONS: Wild Animals and the Current Ecological Crisis

My dearest friends, we are reaching a stage in our planet’s evolution and history in which big changes are coming.

Remember that Change= New Life and connecting with that new life to create more change for the greater good is one of our highest goals:)

One of the tipping-point changes happening right now is the accelerating destruction of animal habitat.



There exist places, all over the Earth, that are doorways to other worlds.

These gateways of time and space open up to other dimensions. Thank the Creator for these places of magic and sanctuary, places where the veil is thin, where we can access new worlds.

Sometimes we need to get away from the world we are living in.